The Canopy - Reston

The Canopy

Status: Pre-Development

Reston’s founder Robert E. Simon Jr. created seven goals for his new community when it was formed in 1964. One goal was, “that beauty – structural and natural – is a necessity of the good life and should be fostered.” Since its inception, Reston has been committed to protecting nature. A Biophilic Cities partner city, Reston is recognized for its tree canopy, which covers approximately 53% of Reston’s total land area.

The Canopy is a tribute to Reston’s tree canopy and all the parks and woodlands that make it a wonderful place to live. Locals will undoubtedly appreciate the local tie to a well-known area feature and the symbolism of protection and natural majesty at the core of Bob Simon’s goals of his community.

The Canopy will offer Assisted Living+, alongside traditional Assisted Living, Memory Care and The Bridge living options. Assisted Living+ residences are larger units with enhanced appliances, including a dishwasher, in-unit washer/dryer, microwave and more.

10819 Leesburg Pike, Herndon, VA 20170